Pilates Frequently Aksed Questions

Where exactly are you located?

We are at the Northwest corner of Foothill and Claremont Boulevard, behind the Chevron Station in Claremont.

Will Pilates give me a six pack?

Possibly.   We prefer to focus on working on a deeper level of abdominal muscles, that lift and tone, not that add bulk.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

No, pilates builds muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat.  You will definitely burn calories during your workout, however.

How long before I see the results?

You will feel stronger within a couple of weeks!   Balance and alignment corrections are individual.

Can you help me with my Incontinence? Arthritis? Fibromyalgia? Post knee, back hip surgery?

Very frequently we have had great success helping individuals with these issues.

What if I have a last minute emergency, will I be charged for that session?

Our 24 hour policy allows you to cancel within 24 hours of your session time and not be charged.  Any issues with this policy should be brought up with the owner.

How do get & use the Scheduling App?

  • Find “Mind Body Connect” app in app store or similar
  • Scroll through four introductory pages
  • Select E-mail or Facebook user
  • Select create account
  • Create Password
  • Turn off updates, news and notifications if you desire by switching off switch, “Keep me in the loop”
  • Go to your e-mail or facebook to retrieve activation message
  • Click on link
  • Search Center of Gravity Pilates
  • Click grey arrow to enter
  • Enter your password

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